Lecture number Seven


The foundational goal of this course was to prepare you for the passing of the Biblical message to those you minister to now and in the future. To do that effectively the student would need to understand the mindset of those you are communicating with. Much of your reading has been about the rise of rationalism. Our discussions have helped us see how this point of view has affected our present society. The exchanges you have provided have sharpened your skills to do this in the future.


If I were to give all of you one encouragement it would be about your natural responses. I would hope that in the future when you are asked a question or faced with an opportunity to explain something that you would think first with a biblical mind. The student’s tendency is to offer an opinion and support it with a rush of proof texts. That only falls into the hands of the committed liberal mindset. Our goal is to be extremely confident that God has an answer and He doesn’t need our ingenuity, only our obedience. Go directly to His Word and let it speak for itself.


Apologetics isn’t about winning an argument. You can win arguments without any help from God. This course is about learning to pass truth to man from God. That makes us only the channel, not the source of truth. My prayer would be that you would begin looking for things to practice on. I read them everyday. The news is full of them. Take each and every advantage that God opens up for you to defend the faith in this manner. If you live in the real world you will see God and the Bible offended every day. Step up to the plate. This is your ball to hit out of the park.


I want you to be keenly aware of your own spiritual gift and the way God has made you. Do not try to be like someone else and do not try to make someone do apologetics your way. God has a plan for each of you, listen to Him. Some of you will be soft spoken and reach certain kinds of people. Others will be outspoken and reach others that the soft word will not penetrate. At the same time all of us must be honest, polite and respectful.


Thank you for being in this class. Each of you, have been a blessing to me personally. You have a lot to accomplish this week so get it done as quickly as you can. I will be here guiding through those projects.