Several voices are calling for a day of mourning and prayer for our nation.  It has been suggested that we choose July 4th of this year for that purpose.  It would be a good contrast to what we normally see as a fun day with the family.  One would have to note that security forces are saying that there are credible threats against us on that day.

A precedent for this is found in Proverbs 29:2 – When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.  In my nearly eighty years of life, this world has moved further into moral self-destruction than in all the rest of history.  Those who misunderstand the holiness of God ask …where is the promise of his coming?  For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.  One question will solve this: when, in the history of this world, has there been a worldwide push to support sodomy?  This may not include every nation, but who would ever have expected the news to be filled with photos of crowds in the streets of so many countries calling for the spread of this wickedness?  This has never happened before.


Some years ago I wrote an article with this title.  Now in our nation, when you add the murder of thousands of unborn children to the exceedingly wicked spread of sexual perversion, it spells judgment.  The wicked laugh at such an idea, saying “We don’t even know if there is a God”.  Some in our circles tell us it isn’t so bad.  Others ridicule God’s justice and push their own “sloppy agape” to silence the voices of truth.

Have it your way.  The fact is that God has to judge this nation because He is holy and all other things flow from His holiness.  God will judge this nation.  We don’t know just when or how, but we do know why.  We do know the times and the seasons (I Thessalonians 5:1), and we do know how God has done this in the past.  He has used wicked rulers, enemies, and even the weather.  We do know that this world is cursed by sin, and …we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.” (Romans 8:22)  We do …know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.  (II Timothy 3:1)  A list of crimes against God is outlined in that text, and they continue to increase at breakneck speed.


The pessimist cries, “Woe is me, there is no help or hope!  It’s all over; nothing we can do.  Face it – we have lost”.  The optimist cries, “It’s not that bad.  We will recover.  Focus on the positive, and ignore the negative”.  The realist cries, “This is a critical hour.  We are set for the judgment of God.  God is still on the throne.  In the end, we will win; and we have a responsibility in this hour.  There is no time for a pity party.  We are overcomers, and the battle is not done”.

Actually, both the pessimist and the optimist have their heads in the sand.  They both fail to engage the opportunity God has given us in this hour of trouble.  As true believers, we were born for this hour.  It is a great time to share the love of God and the gospel of Christ.  The contrast is so great that, if we respond as God has directed, God will bless in many ways.  This is a great hour for truth.  The pessimist ignores it, and the optimist denies it.  The realist steps up to take the challenge God has put before us.  A holy God has called us to speak the truth in love.  (Ephesians 4:15)

It is not loving to soft-pedal sin.  It is not loving to cover or ignore wickedness.  It is loving to tell the truth and make it plain and simple.  We are not supposed to surrender or be silent.  We need to see things as they are.  This is not time for the silence or cowardice.


The truth is that our nation has crossed the line.  Except for the grace of God and the possibility of a national revival, there is no coming back.  The destruction of this country is sure, and the judgment of God has been sealed.  This may be why mention of America is nowhere to be found in the scriptures.  We should mourn because that judgment is near.  In recent years our country has come close to civil war several times, and in the last year any one of these “flash points” could have set off fighting in the streets.  We had a warning of outside destruction on 9/11; now the destruction is from within.  Racism is on the rise, the elite in our capital violate our founding documents, the economy is set for collapse, and our military power has been neutered.  One might add to this the current open hatred for biblical Christianity.

Of course there are small rays of light, such as the spirit of forgiveness in Charleston and some in leadership who speak out for righteousness.  The entertainment church in general, however, has become virtually useless and doesn’t have enough power to blow the nose of flea.  We should mourn because no nation that chose to kill its young and its old, embrace sodomy, or to turn its hand against God’s chosen people has ever continued.

If I had a flagpole, I would lower it to half-mast on the fourth of July in remembrance of the “death of a nation”; but I refuse to surrender, to soft pedal sin, to run and hide, to be silent.  My only task is to speak as God speaks, love what God loves, and hate what God hates.  The reason for this is that true believers are winners, not whiners.  Read the Book: He wins, we win, they lose.  PERIOD.