The plague of human reason has firmly placed man as god.  Whenever the subject of an event or an issue is raised, reporters from the liberal media ask opinions of entertainers, failed politicians, customers at a bar, intellectuals, and “religious types”. Why not ask the sovereign creator God for a clear statement on the subject?  The answer is that the majority no longer cares what God has said.  Our leaders have been busy erasing the true God from our culture while they establish man as god.  As you know, I like to describe this as replacing Christianity with a new religion, which I have dubbed “Humianity”.

One of the tenets of the religion of man is the freedom to lie about anything.  This bad habit, in some cases, comes from a lack of understanding and wisdom.  Every thought and opinion of a man comes from his religious perspective.  Those who own man as their god see their own convoluted ideas as the final word on any subject.  The true believer seeks the word of God for any definition.  The authority base for a believer is the scriptures, while human reason is the authority base for all others.

An illustration of this can be found in evolution, or unintelligent design, versus creation, which is known as intelligent design.  The world looks for soft words to cover their heinous sins.  For instance, murder has become “abortion”, sin has become “sickness”, and sodomy has become “gay”.  The sad thing is that professing Christians far too often have joined the “Softening of Sin” club.

In our country there is a movement to redefine marriage.  One can only wonder why people support this, but their position depends on who is their God.  For the true believer, it’s a simple matter, because God has given us a definition in Genesis – one man for one woman for one lifetime.


In several states, including the one we live in, a marriage amendment has been proposed, simply stating God’s true definition of marriage.  Some may not like it, but what people are really doing at the polls is declaring who is their god.  For true believers, casting a vote is a grand opportunity to publicly identify with the God of glory and with the authority of scripture.  In front of some people’s houses are signs that say “Vote against Amendment One!”  Those signs on their lawns constitute an open confession of the god those people have chosen.  One might argue that there are also Christians and churches who oppose the amendment; by doing so, however, they also have declared who is really their god.  People are not Christians just because they say they are; we are defined by what we believe.  The fact that so many have twisted or ignored the clear teaching of scripture only confirms their choice of gods.  I am a Christian because of what I believe.  I am a Baptist because of what I believe, and I say what I say and do what I do because of what I believe.  Our beliefs, however, have to be founded on the central and clear teaching of God’s Word; we do not have the luxury of personal and private interpretation.  The Bible is not plastic, and we have no authority to mold it as we please or to rewrite it at every whim.

It is easy for the believer to be lazy and ignore opportunities to speak for God, but our silence in such matters amounts to disobedience.  Remember that the great sin of Adam and Eve wasn’t their diet; it was that they disobeyed God.  The result of their sin is still with us and is part of what is going on in this debate.  That may seem to you a small thing, but what is going to follow will be far worse.  If those who worship man get their way, the day will come when I will go to jail for what I have written here! The tide of evil flows very strong, and only a blind person would miss the growing hatred toward biblical Christianity.  We need to speak while we have the freedom to do so, because introduction of the flood of laws against us is just around the corner.


Many evangelicals would say that what I have written is not kind or compassionate. They need to read the next issue of Shepherds Staff on the subject of “Plain Talk”.  First, let me explain the problem.  The liberal mindset is unable to separate ideas or fact from people.  Liberals tend to spend their time in the swamp of people talk, where they can shut down truth by talking about Christians being “mean spirited”.  They have placed their own inventions about love above the holiness of God.  There is nothing loving about teaching people to sin or being silent while those who are chained to their lusts plunge to eternal judgment.

The God of the Bible is perfect in holiness, truth, and love.  His perfect holiness has defined marriage.  This is the truth, and while we are to love the sinner, we must not love his sin by making him feel comfortable about it.  That is exactly what the Corinthians had done in I Corinthians 5.  While some smarter-than-God intellectuals don’t think God loves sinners, He does; and so must we.  At the same time, God hates sin; the cross is all the proof you need.


I cannot help but wonder if this subject will come up at the Judgment Seat of Christ – something as small as speaking for God and His word on the subject of marriage, as opposed to those who choose to mock God?  I think that if you could ask Adam and Eve, they would tell you that disobedience is no small thing!  “…let God be true, but every man a liar…” Romans 3:4