The nation I live in is deeply divided, more deeply even than it was prior to the Civil War.  It is not divided by political parties; it is divided between liberal and conservative perspectives.  It is now a matter of record that the majority of U.S. citizens want nothing to do with biblical Christianity.  Those who hate the Sovereign Creator and His children have been emboldened, feeling now that they have a mandate to make everyone think and act like they do.  They despise the authoritative message of God’s Word, and the fermenting hatred that has been boiling under the surface is set free to overrun a once great nation.

I am sure you think all this is very negative, but ignorance or denial is not helpful.  I am fully aware that Jeremiah got into a lot of trouble by saying things like this.  There are some things that we most assuredly know; think about them:

  1. No one ever rises to power in this world without the permission of our God.  Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God; the powers that be are ordained of God.  (Romans 13:1)
  2. When the wicked rule, God’s people will suffer.  He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy. When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.  (Proverbs 29:1, 2)
  3. God is a holy and righteous God.  While He is indeed merciful, He is also a God of justice and judgment.  The existence of hell and the lake of fire are evidence of this. (see Revelation 20:15)

Yesterday I posted the following prayer on Facebook: “Dear Heavenly Father, we know this nation deserves judgment for its horrible sin, but we plead for mercy.  If it is Your time for judgment, we pray that believers will have the strength to face the persecution that is sure to follow.  We pray that there will be repentance and a true revival among believers.”


The Old Testament is replete with examples of how God used wicked rulers to punish a nation. This is even true of Israel.  It is hard to understand how any believer could miss the reason why our nation deserves judgment.  I understand that some moderate evangelicals oppose this idea, and that obviously rises from their bad habit of “dumbing down” sin.  America has sanctioned the murder of untold numbers of unborn babies; that fact alone would call for the wrath of God.  The open approval of sodomy is another sure sign that judgment must come.  The headline on my computer right now states that Maine and Maryland have voted to approve sodomite unions. The move for America to turn against Israel has been on a fast track, and no nation in history has ever raised its hand against God’s chosen people without guaranteeing its own destruction in due time.  The favored status of Islam in our nation does not bode well for us.  Our Sovereign Creator God is no longer welcome in our schools, commerce, courts, society, or even in some churches.  God has obviously chosen to judge this nation, and His judgment has already begun.


Paul told Timothy that in the last days the Word of God would be the believer’s strength.  There never was a time in our lives when the Book was more important.  It is the source of our author-ity, comfort, and direction.  The church has followed the world into the pit of sin and has made believers numb to the things that offend God.  Repentance and revival need to be sounded from the pulpit, and the earnest prayer of confession and intercession needs to ring through the hearts of believers.  We cannot depend on professing believers, because they can be more of a hindrance than a help.  We cannot look to the wicked, the children of the devil, as they are at enmity with God.  They are dead in trespasses and sin with no ability to do good as God sees it.

We should not be at all surprised at the words and actions of the lost.  They have done the bidding of their father, the devil.  We have not yet seen the worst they can do; but we see them for what they are, and they have not disappointed us in this.  What has been a disappointment is the lack of action on the part of those who call themselves believers.  Why would the strong words in this article offend the believer?  Why would we spend time defending evil?  Why would we want to use soft words about sins that God says He hates?

The judgment that stands at our door is at least in part the responsibility of evangelicals and fundamentalists. Those who have learned their lessons – words from the liberal mindset, with form over content and meaning – have aided the coming of judgment.  Believers cannot expect help from them.  They will continue to compromise and even question the judgment of God.


Those who love God and His Word can expect difficult times and persecution.  This is not a guess; it is based on what we know has already happened.  There was a time when sodomy was disdained as a capital crime, but then a permissive attitude gradually began to prevail.  Now there is a big drive to make it legal, and with that comes a requirement for everyone to accept it.  Some are already being legally penalized for not accepting this abomination. Believers can expect to be incarcerated for open opposition.  Those in charge have again today openly pledged a massive raise in taxes.  The church will not escape this taxation, and it would be well for every church to have its leaders sit down and decide how they will handle this when it comes.  Because the liberal model cannot and will not accept successful competition, any education outside of the state model – including Christian schools – can expect impossible intrusion.

Yes, there will be tears, but our tears will be for the lost greatness of a nation, the loss of our liberty, the setting aside of the constitution, the rewarding of lawbreakers – a nation of fools.  The coming judgment should not be a surprise to any of us. (See I Timothy 3:1 and I Peter 4:13-19)

In June of 2011, my book entitled The Coming Conflict was republished with the idea that the truth in it would soon be needed.  The book is about “the separation of church and state”, but it outlines much of what there is no room for here.  It is available at:

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